Lãng mạn về đêm với Waterfront Danang Restaurant & Bar


Air Restaurant & Bar – Not just a place to stop by.

Lãng mạn về đêm với Waterfront Danang Restaurant & Bar

Located on the top floor of Tabino Hotel Danang, Air Restaurant & Bar embraces the fresh Danang breeze,

while offering magnificent views of the young city. Being a fusion of elegant space and delicious dishes, the

Restaurant & Bar stands out not only for its breathtaking view but also for its attractive Vietnamese and

Japanese cuisine.


Air Restaurant & Bar is the meeting place of the sophistication of Japanese cuisine and the moreish flavor of

Vietnamese food. Each dish is a sophisticated combination of colors and flavors, which will excite all of your

senses. Local and exported processing materials will highlight the freshness and purity of the dishes.


Whether you are wishing to immersing yourself in a romantic dinner in an elegant atmosphere, or looking to

unwind with a drink after a busy day, the Air Restaurant & Bar is a place to remember and experience time and

time again.


Recommended dishes:

– Appetizer

– Steamed seafood with coconut

– Fried fish

– Beef steak

– Hamburger steak