Lady Buddha Da Nang

Sightseeing in Vietnam – FAQ on Linh Ung Bai Pagoda and Lady Buddha in Da Nang

There are many questions that arise when visiting the Linh Ung Bai Pagoda and the Lady Buddha statue in Da Nang. We’ll answer your most pressing questions and get you on your way to this remarkable destination. From height to floor count, read on to learn more. We’ve also included a FAQ section for your reference. Once you’ve read the FAQ, feel free to make a booking directly through the official website.

Lady Buddha Da Nang

Lady Buddha statue

A visit to the Lady Buddha statue in Da Nang is not to be missed if you are in the city. Standing 67 meters high and spread over 17 floors, this statue is considered the tallest in Vietnam. It can be seen from all angles of the city, and the 17 floors make the entire structure a wonder of modern architecture. The statue, which is also a popular attraction in the city, has many stories behind its construction.

The statue is free to visit. You do not need to buy a ticket to visit the Da Nang Lady Buddha. You can simply drop some money into a donation box. Parking in Da Nang is also free, so it’s worth checking out the locals’ opinions of the place. A good tip is to set aside at least two hours to see the statue in person. If you have more time, consider booking a day tour of the city that includes the Lady Buddha.

Linh Ung Bai Pagoda

If you’re interested in spirituality, you should visit the Linh Ung Pagoda in Da Nang. Located halfway up a mountain, this temple houses a huge statue of Lady Buddha. It is a peaceful place to pray and to experience the spiritual vibe of the Vietnamese people. If you’re interested in visiting the temple, book a tour in advance to make sure that you don’t miss the chance to see the beautiful spires and intricate designs of the pagoda.

There’s nothing like a beautiful sunrise to make a vacation in Vietnam more relaxing. You can also see the gorgeous Linh Ung Pagoda in Hanoi. Located on the Son Tra Peninsula, the Linh Ung Pagoda is the largest temple in the city. The statue of Lady Buddha is 67 meters high and is comparable to a thirty-floor building. The temple also contains a library and bonsai trees.

17 floors

The magnificent marble statue of the Lady Buddha is one of the most memorable sights of Da Nang. Standing more than 72 metres tall and with a 17-storey base, it’s a beautiful sight. The statue rises above the city, with steps carved into its side. It has 17 floors, each representing a different aspect of the Buddha’s life. From the top, you can enjoy panoramic views of the city.

The entire construction of the Linh Ung Bai Pagoda, including the Lady Buddha, began on 19 June 2004. The structure was designed by world-famous marble artist Nguyen Viet Minh. The project was completed in six years and opened on 30 July 2010. Designed to represent modernization, the temple blends elements from the Nguyen Dynasty with the Vietnamese style of architecture.


The magnificent height of Lady Buddha in Da Nang will make your sightseeing experience an unforgettable one. Standing fourteen km from the city center, the large statue has 17 stories and is visible from a long way away. Those who wish to climb to the statue will have to go on a long, difficult trek. However, the reward is well worth the effort. You’ll see the city’s skyline from a different perspective, and the statue’s 17 stories and various postures will make your visit memorable.

The statue of the Lady Buddha is located outside of Da Nang city center at Linh Ung Pagoda, a Buddhist temple on the Son Tra Peninsula. This temple is home to one of the largest Buddha statues in Vietnam, standing 67m tall and with a lotus diameter of 35m. If you’re interested in taking a look at this beautiful statue, you can find a map of the area, as well as more information on it here.


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The Linh Ung Pagoda is located on the same peninsula as the Lady Buddha statue. Both buildings were built between 2004 and 2010, under the leadership of Thich Thien Nguyen, a monk. The statue was created in Non Nuoc marble village. The sculpture received a soul and attitude from Chau Viet Thanh and Thuy Lam, which is said to give the statue its personality. During its construction, people had the opportunity to see the Lady Buddha thirteen times, including on her birthday in 2009. The cost was covered by donations from monks, locals, and firms.

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